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Were you looking for new software to improve the functioning of your company or tie stand alone systems together? Do you have trouble justifying the expense, especially with the uncertainties of the time we are in? Here is a cost effective alternative you might want to consider:
A custom designed ‘Interface’ that can solve some of your current problems for a fraction of the price of new software.
To give you some ideas, here are a number of examples that could apply to your company:
-          You use an older, text based system that is rather cumbersome to operate because each bit of information has to be accessed with a new query. A new interface can extract existing data from your system and present it in a more universal way that allows better and faster decisions.
-          You have a stand-alone accounting system that ‘accounts’ just fine but it requires lots of effort to extract data and process them with Excel into the form you want. A new interface can automate these activities, saving you lots of time while reducing the chance of errors considerably.
-          Lots of your process critical data are stored in countless individual spreadsheets all over your company, creating problems with accessibility and using up to date information. A custom designed application can solve many of these problems too.
If you want to know more or explore some specific ideas of yours, please feel free to contact Owl Database Applications.

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